Staying COVID19 Safe

We are together as a community.

“It is not unlikely that we could have COVID-19 outbreaks in our local area – we all will need to continue, as individuals, groups, clubs and businesses, to act and work together staying mindful, careful and safe.”

Why we will be working together with our community.

Our communities, who have shown courage and resilience during the COVID-19 lockdown period are celebrating our current success in managing to keep coronavirus infections from spreading and infecting our people, and with the state restrictions easing we are now aching to get out and about again. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who stayed at
Why we will be working together with our community home and to those who came for testing – it all contributed to the crushing of the curve in our region.
As a leadership group we know it is important for us not to be complacent – we will all need to keep working together to stay COVID-19 careful and safe.
Together we are combining our strengths to share practical information and motivation for all businesses and individuals in this joint newsletter – we want to make sure we are all taking responsibility in helping to support each other to keep this region clear from a possible outbreak of infection.

We are looking forward to keep working with you and will be keen for you to participate in any of the activities scheduled for the next few months, including visiting our COVID-19 Community Safe site, 108 Main Street and participating in the small business recovery workshop on Wednesday 24 June.
Stay safe. Liana, Kate and Greg

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