Trauma experienced in a natural disaster can vary enormously from person to person depending on past experiences and the degree of resilience that each person has.
In the initial period following a disaster, a person can be in shock and feel numb. This is the body’s natural response to a major trauma.

Initially we tend to stay busy and address the practicalities such as where to sleep, our ongoing employment, income, care of animals and generally meeting basic needs. This physical recovery is important as the body’s coping mechanisms help us focus on all these external practicalities and attend to our basic needs.
Sometimes it is easier to feel like you are doing something practical rather than focus on your feelings in the situation. This is a natural reaction in the early recovery stages after the disaster.

However for some people this can be a habit well after the immediate physical recovery has finished. We can fill up our life with so much ‘busyness’ that we never revisit or discharge the feelings around the trauma.
This can then begin to show in less healthy ways, sometimes months or even years after the trauma or disaster has occurred.

Some symptoms can include; feeling overwhelmed, sleeplessness, irritability, intolerance and or impatience, numbing oneself with drugs or alcohol and having extreme reactions

Sometimes it can be weeks, months or years later that we are able to revisit the emotions around the trauma.

And sometimes we need the assistance of a Counsellor if we continue to feel overwhelmed, depressed, isolated or disheartened. Our Social support and recovery counselling offers the opportunity for individuals, couples and families to talk though issues and ideas and address feelings and experiences which may be causing difficulties.

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