DRINK and DRUG Driver Behaviour Change Programs

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus we created an online course to replace face to face group sessions. To participate in the online course please call 03 5358 7400

To participate in the online course you need a device with a camera and an internet connection.

The Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs are approved by VicRoads under the Road Safety Act 1986. Grampians Community Health is one of a number of providers approved by VicRoads to deliver Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs”

Read the Drink and Drive Behaviour Programs – 5.Terms and conditions April 09 2020

Dates and times

The participant will be notified via GCH reception staff after an online criteria check is complete. Reception staff will ask for your details and book you in on Trybooking to enter your registration details and make payment.

Online Course

The participants will be asked to sign up to Microsoft Teams app and provided with a how-to direction sheet.


Full price (including VicRoads fee) $375
Concession (including VicRoads Fee) $340

All other assessments are $300 each

Course is applicable if you:

  • Have lost your license due to drink or drug driving offences
  • Want to learn about the personal and legal impact of drug taking and driving.

The course aims to provide you with a better understanding of the effects of drugs and how to develop strategies to reduce the risks associated with their use.

Participants will learn about the legalities of drug driving and gain an understanding of the risks associated with drug impaired driving.

Course facilitators are experienced in adult learning principles, where participants are treated with respect and positive reinforcement is used to encourage participation.

Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs –

Grampians Community Health is a Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs provider, accredited by VicRoads. The VicRoads 6 Hour Drink/Drug Behaviour Change Program is delivered over two days  (2 x 3-hour sessions) usually on consecutive weeks.

Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs

  • For further enquires call 03 5358 7400

How do I make an appointment with Grampians Community Health?

Please contact the Intake Worker on 03 5358 7400 to receive a referral and make an appointment.