GCH Goes Purple For International Overdose Awareness Day.

Grampians Community Health sites across the Grampians Wimmera region were lit up purple on August the 31st as GCH took part in recognising International Overdose Awareness Day.

International Overdose Awareness Day shines a light on the issue of drug overdoses in our society, both legal and illicit. More Australians die from drug overdoses every year than on our roads and older people aged 40+ are more likely to overdose than people aged under 40.

Prescription drug overdoses are more common than illicit drug overdoses and per 100k people there are more overdose deaths in regional areas than in metro parts of the country.

GCH staff Emma, Gareth and Vanush also spoke with members of the community in Ararat to see what knowledge the general public has of this serious issue, which you can watch on our YouTube channel by following this link. (Click on text to follow link)


PICTURED: GCH’s Horsham (above) and Ararat (below) sites lit up purple to recognise International Overdose Awareness Day