GCH Website Redevelopment Project Tender

Website redesign project

Grampians Community Health invite suitable web development companies to present their proposals to redesign our website https://gch.org.au/. Previous experience working with not-for-profit organisations will be highly regarded.

Grampians Community Health will work closely with the supplier during the design, and development of the new website to ensure that our aims and requirements are met in the best way possible.

For further information download the Tender Brief, which includes GCH brand style guide.  GCH Website Redesign Tender Document

Submissions must be received by the 16th of February 2020 5pm.

If you require more information, contact Shirlei Barnes via email tenders@gch.org.au.

Youth Disco

Youth Disco a Success

On the 6th of September Grampians Youth Events held their Heroes and Villains disco as a part of the Stawell Performing Arts Fest. Many youth attended the night and had a blast dancing away to the tunes supplied by a local DJ. Throughout the night, there was so much energy and best-dressed prizes were handed out thanks to generous donations from local businesses. The Grampians Youth Events Youth Committee planned, organised, set up and ran the event for the evening.

It was a success due to thorough planning and newly obtained organisational skills demonstrated by Grampians Youth Events. Sixty people enjoyed themselves eating and dancing in a friendly fun atmosphere, listening to good music in a great environment.

Annie S, Grampians Youth Events Committee Member has been volunteering since the Youth Gathering in July where the group was formed.

“We worked really hard in the week coming up to the event. In the end it all paid off. I was super impressed with the local businesses who generously donated a variety of quality goods from vouchers to manchester. Thank you so much to the fifty young people who attended and the other volunteers who did a great job helping out by doing jobs such as driving the buses from Halls Gap and Ararat, to decorating the hall. The friendly and respectful security guards from Horsham did a great job and we look forward to other events with their support. We had a diverse crowd and everyone was welcoming and inclusive”.

Melissa Mair from Grampians Community Health who has been supporting the young people on this journey said, “I couldn’t be prouder of their effort and achievements”.

GYE extend a big thank you to Stawell Neighbourhood House, Stawell Performing Arts Company Inc. (SPACI) and Grampians Community Health for their involvement, guidance and support of Stawell FReeZa Grampians Youth Event and Northern Grampians Shire Council for providing the venue.

The group is currently planning for more fantastic events for next year. If you would like to be involved in any way please contact Melissa Mair at Grampians Community Health Ph: 5358 7400.

Anyone wishing to access any of the Grampians Community Health services can easily do so by calling 5358 7400.

Taking Action

Taking action in the nick of time

A program between Grampians Community Health and Stawell Regional Health has made a huge difference in the lives of people living with chronic disease, and recently for one man, this has literally saved a life.

The ‘Take Action Nurse’ is a program for people with some kind of chronic illness, such as diabetes, musculoskeletal problem, cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. This program is funded by the WestVic Primary Health Network with the intention of putting people in control of their illness and avoiding preventable hospital admissions.

“The Take Action Nurse program provides such a great opportunity for people to learn how to take action about their health”, said Kathy Day, General Manager at Grampians Community Health.

In 2018-19, Grampians Community Health had almost 100 people joining this program, this equates to around 500 sessions with practical information and follow-up sessions with Sue Fontana, the ‘Take Action Nurse’.

Recently, Sue Fontana received a wonderful phone call from Kevin who she had seen as part of the TAN program.

“Just letting you know I am at the Royal Melbourne Hospital waiting on open-heart surgery. If I make it through you would have saved my life. And if I don’t make it you gave me a chance. I don’t know what to say to you but thanks and that doesn’t seem enough –god bless and hope to see you in the near future,” said Kevin.

Kevin had been seeing the Take Action Nurse when he was asked by Sue if he had any other questions and he mentioned that he had pain in his jaw and down his arms and tightness across his chest on a few times that week.

“I immediately accompanied him to see a GP and he was referred directly to the hospital for follow up,” said Sue Fontana.

By the end of August the client contacted Sue once again, he was overwhelmed with gratitude. “He said that by all the reports he would not have lived until his next GP appointment in September after tests indicated he had a 90% heart blockage and needed immediate surgery,” said Sue Fontana

Rhys Duncan, Director of Primary and Community Care with Stawell Regional Health said the partnership was a fantastic program that continues to provide real outcomes for our community.

“Living with a chronic illness is often daunting so we are really pleased that this partnership is providing people with support that builds their capacity to be in control of their lives,” said Rhys Duncan.

“We have seen that after a few sessions, many clients feel confident and are able to manage their conditions on their own, knowing Stawell Regional Health and Grampians Community Health are there to fall back on if they need it,” added Rhys Duncan.

People wanting to access the Take Action Nurse can contact Grampians Community Health on (03)53587400, or talk to their GP about services available to them.


No place to go – Homelessness

The following story is not unusual.


“I am 17 and used to live with my mum and her boyfriend but I had to leave. Mum’s boyfriend used to hit me when mum wasn’t around and that was a lot because she worked at a pub and was often working over 40 hours a week. He used to scream at me and make me clean up after him and his friends. I didn’t like his friends, some of them would stare at me all the time and it scared me.

I knew mum wouldn’t believe me if I told her so one day when she was at work and her boyfriend was asleep I took the backpack I had packed under my bed and ran away.

I had no place I could go, and I couldn’t return home, I would get into more trouble. I stayed the first few nights at some friends’ houses but I didn’t want their parents to know I was around in case my mum was looking for me. I couldn’t go back there.

I stopped going to school, just in case my mum turned up or called the school and the teachers told her I was there.

I went to Centrelink to talk to them about getting some money as I knew that my friends wouldn’t be able to help me for long.

It was really hard because I had to prove that I was not a dependent. This took a really long time and I thought for a while that it was never going to happen.

Finally I started receiving payments but keeping them was so hard. It is really hard to look for a job when you’ve got nowhere to live or shower.

I decided that I would look for a house but the real estates would ask how much I was getting paid and they wouldn’t even put my applications in, when I asked why I haven’t been accepted, they said that I wouldn’t be able to afford the rent.”

Youth homelessness continues to be one of the major issues that Grampians Community Health and other social support agencies are confronted with in our community.

Homelessness week is held from 4th to 10th of August 2019, and Grampians Community Health asks all people to consider some of the underlying causes of why our young people, just like in the true story above find themselves homeless.

The disparity between Youth allowance or Newstart allowance and the average cost of housing is huge, Australia wide, this disparity exists even with low income earners and rental prices.

  • A person on Youth Allowance under 18 years of age living at home earns $249.20 fortnightly, and if a person on Youth Allowance under 18 years of age living out of home earns $455.20 fortnightly.
  • A person on Newstart allowance that is a single adult with no children earns $489.70 fortnightly, and a person on Newstart allowance that is single with dependent children earn $529.80 fortnightly.
  • The average cost of a 1 bedroom place in the Stawell area is $200 per week, on average rentals are costing on average $165 to $440 per week through Australia.
    As part of moving into a rental there must be 2 weeks and Bond paid prior to collecting the keys, which isn’t always thought about either.

If you add on the average cost of amenities it is understandable that our homelessness rate has increased by 11% in the past 8 years.

Grampians Community Health has confidential support services for people who are, or may be facing homelessness. Anyone wishing to access any of the Grampians Community Health services can easily do so by calling 5358 7400.

We are holding a breakfast on Friday the 9th August 8AM at 8-22 Patrick Street Stawell, to help bring awareness of homelessness to the community, if you would like to join us, please call 03 5358 7400 to RSVP