GCH offer a number of services: Advocacy, Aged Care, Social Groups, Family Violence, Alcohol and Drugs, Homelessness, Mental Health, LGBIT, Women’s Health, Young Carers and NDIS

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is a visually stunning floor game made of glass floor tiles that aims to highlight the challenges and societal barriers that prevent the inclusion of people with disability in society. This game is now housed at Stawell Neighbourhood House. The game is played by dividing a group of people into a maximum of four teams. The dice is rolled and an appointed team member walks the ‘board’.  Between rolls of the dice, teams are asked questions related to situations experienced by people with a disability by the facilitator. In July 2018 Grampians Community Health gifted Snakes & Ladders to Stawell Neighbourhood House so this unique game of inclusion will continue to be offered to the community beyond the end of Central Grampians Rural Access funding.

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)

IDPwD is held on 3 December each year and aims to break down barriers for the 4.3 million Australians living with disability, by starting a conversation and celebrating the achievements of people with disability and the contributions they make to the community. Each year hundreds of events are held across the country to support the cause. For more information on IDPwD and to register an event, go to

Mobility Maps


You, me us – easy and effective way to deliver training to staff and volunteers whose organisations are interested in enhancing inclusive practices and culture.

Access Links

Please note: The links below are not formally endorsed by GCH and are provided for your information only.

Built Environment Access

Building Access to Premises standards

The Access Institute of Australia

The Access Institure have developed a range of Access Awareness Handbooks in response to a need for a simple and concise resource that can be used by a range of organisations who are aiming to improve access to their business, services, and premises.These are available to purchase online. there is one Free download of “The “Why’s” of Access

Kitchen Design: meeting everyones needs

General principles to help achieve an accessible kitchen for most of the population

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, design and construction for access

The Human rights commission has produced online this resources. The purpose of this resource is to explain how people with a disability benefit from good design and construction and why precise application of relevant technical specifications is necessary to achieve the greatest  level of access for the greatest number of people.

CPPACC4005A – Conduct a building access audit

Tradies guide to good access

Employment Access

Open for Business website

The Equal Opportunity Act requires that businesses take reasonable and proportionate steps to prevent discrimination against customers.

The open for business website addresses this by providing easy accessible information and resources on: ‘respect the customer’, ‘talk to the customer’, ‘promote accessibility’, ‘positive attitude’, and ‘ask if you are unsure’. The site provides case studies, videos, ‘tools for business’ and further information on how to make businesses physically more accessible.

Launched 21st of July 2017 the website aims to engage the business sector and create awareness about the value to business when they are accessible to the community as a whole.

Job Access website 

Visit the JobAccess website and find out about how you can become a successful employer of people with disability and the financial support available.

Disability employment links

Businesses looking for employment support
The Skills and Jobs Centre 
Axis Employment
Disability Learning and Access Unit (DLAU)Federation University


Emergency Planning

Redcross RediPlan  – This is a book to write your emergency plan in. You can write this with the help of family and friends.

Red Cross Emergency RediPlan resources – Resources from pdf booklets on Household preparedness for people with disability, their families and carers to cleaning up after an emergency in Easy English.

MFB Home fire safety booklet  – MFB’s Home Fire Safety Booklet is filled with fire safety tips that speak to people of all ages and features a champion for fire safety, ‘Frankie the fire extinguisher’. This booklet is availabel in 20 languages.

Inclusive sport

Blind Sports

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV) enhances the lives of people throughout Victoria who are blind or vision impaired through sport and recreation. Since our establishment in 1977 we have evolved into a small but thriving charity, which is setting the benchmark for blind sport and recreation in Australia. Supporting more than 1,200 members, we encourage people with no or low vision of all ages and backgrounds to lead more healthy and active lifestyles.

Recreation Access

TrailRider at Grampians National Park

A TrailRider is a single wheel all-terrain wheelchair capable of exploring beyond the realm of conventional wheelchairs.

A TrailRider can travel over obstacles such as rocks, logs and steps. TrailRiders from Parks Victoria can be borrowed free of charge. In the Grampians TrailRiders are located at Brambuk – The National Park and Cultural Centre. To book a TrailRider or to find out about Volunteer Sherpa training Call Parks Victoria on 13 1963. In the spirit of Health Parks Health People, Parks Victoria have a guide that will give people with limited mobility the confidence to access areas of the Grampians that were previously thought of as inaccessible.

Hidden Disability Program

An airport can be a stressful experience, especially when travelling on an international flight. It is even more stressful when you or someone you are travelling with has a disability which is not immediately apparent to airport staff – a Hidden Disability which can include autism, anxiety issues, mental health conditions, dementia, visual impairments  deaf or hard of hearing. 

Melbourne airport has recently implemented the Hidden Disability Program for it’s International Terminal to assist you on your journey through our International Airport. This program supports travellers requiring special assistance as they travel through our airport.

A lanyard to wear through the airport from check in to departure to allow airport staff to recognise that you may require additional assistance throughout the journey.

Sensory Map – This identifies high sensory and low sensory areas to help you navigate through the terminal. This can help you prepare for additional noise, crowded areas and identify areas where you can stop in a quieter area if required.

Social Stories – Illustrating both our international departures and international arrivals processes in an easy to understand and pictorial format.

Staff training – Our Melbourne Airport staff will all be trained in the Hidden Disability Program to ensure that additional care and consideration is provided during your time through our airport and ensures staff are able to assist in your journey. Whether that be guiding you through each step, providing you information or slowing down a process in the customer journey for you, we are here to ensure your mental and emotional health is looked after.

Arts – Focus on Ability annual film festival

Focus on Ability holds an annual film festival. On this site you can see playlists that have been created from the best of the thousands of films submitted throughout the last 9 years of the Focus on Ability festival.

Each playlist contains 5 films and runs for approximately 25 minutes. Other films can be accessed. The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival will be back for its 12th consecutive year promoting ability. Entries open January 2020 and close May 29, 2020. With over $160,000 in prizes up for grabs and unparalleled International exposure, this is a festival you want to be part of.

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