Have a Healthy Easter – More than chocolate at Easter in the Grampians

Enjoy the chocolate but remember the carrot

Usually during festive times we are told to take it easy and not indulge too much; not too much chocolate and if over 18 limit your alcohol intake. The usual tips of watch your meal size, have regular snacks, enjoy a good breakfast , fill up on vegies, move more and exercise are useful but often fail to motivate change – especially when chocolate tastes so good. Living in the Grampians Wimmera we can take this health advice and eat the odd Easter egg free of guilt as there is plenty to keep local residents and visitors active and well-nourished over the Easter holiday period.

“Being active during times of celebrations is more than going to the gym, running 10 kilometre, climbing Mount William or being part of formal sport like football or netball” said Rachel Whittaker. She said its important to find something that is social and fun. Examples of activities and events available over the holiday period include; Tai Chi sessions, Parks Victoria Junior Ranger program, Barefoot Bowls, Petanque, cross country runs, ice skating and dancing. Go to your Local Government webpage for more ideas.

Although tasty there is more to offer than hot cross buns and chocolate says Rachel Whittaker – Health Promotion at GCH. There’s plenty of seasonal fruit and veg on offer which can be found at local farm gates, markets, cafes and community gardens around the Grampians Wimmera Region. Seasonal produce to look out for includes zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, capsicums, apples, peaches, nashis, pears and plums.

Set up by the Grampians Food Alliance ‘Share Your Spare’ provides another opportunity for enjoying seasonal fresh produce. Locals who grow their own produce and have surplus are encouraged to share it at the Ararat and Stawell Libraries and the Bendigo Bank in Ararat at the ‘Share Your Spare’ sites. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to take what’s on offer. Just look out for the ‘Share Your Spare’ wheelbarrows.

So it is possible to have your chocolate and eat it to; it’s just a matter of knowing what else is on offer and where fresh local carrots can be purchased.

For some useful tips and hints on festive eating and Easter presents have a look at

Anyone wishing to access any of the Grampians Community Health services can easily do so by calling 5358 7400.

Active April

Are you ready for Active April?

We are thrilled at the number and variety of ways to participate. Rachel Whittaker, Health Promotion at Grampians Community Health is excited about this campaign and invites you to get involved.

Grampians Community Health and Stawell Regional Health have been working closely with the Northern Grampians Shire Council, East Wimmera Health Service, Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership, Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly and Parks Victoria to help community members in our regions get active in April.

Northern Grampians Shire Gets Active in April is a campaign across the region that provides a diverse and exciting range of opportunities to encourage people to participate and be more active in their own community.

Activities include tai chi, bush and trail walks, come and try bowls, colour run, fun runs, petanque, bike riding scavenger hunt bare foot bowls, dancing and much more.

“Northern Grampians Shire, Grampians Community Health and Stawell Regional Health work together to plan priority health promotion areas. Active Living is one of the three priority areas to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in our area for the next four years,” Ms Toomey said.

“Increasing your activity doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, simply playing with your children in the park, taking the dog for a walk, standing more, walking to work or school, gardening or dancing around the house are all great.”

There are great activities in the Grampians Wimmera, make sure to check your local area for activities you can join in to get active.